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2024 architecture calender

2024 arKIDect Calender with 12 Architecture Challenges

Hello everyone!

Super thrilled to share the 2024 Arkidect Calendar with you all! 🗓️ 🥰

Every month, we’ve got cool activities to fire up those creative engines. Tap the link below to snag your calendar download and kickstart the fun!⬇️

arKIDect 2024 Calender

Don’t forget to share your awesome project with us at [email protected]. Let’s build dreams together! 🎨 ✨

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About Arkidect

One of the most interesting things about arKiDect is the art of teaching building through making things. Through arKiDect, every child is learning new problem-solving skills not only about architecture and environment but in other areas where they can apply these skills as well.

arKiDect not only teaches people about architecture, but it also helps them develop life skills that go far beyond blueprints and buildings. It’s a great example of how imagination, play, and the desire to learn can have a lasting effect on both children and adults.

Let's learn, desing & play together

Learning through play instills a lifelong passion for exploration, setting a solid foundation for continuous growth.

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