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Why choose us?

At the heart of our approach lies a steadfast commitment to

weaving the vibrant thread of play seamlessly into the fabric of learning.

We know that choosing the right educational path for your child is a huge choice that will affect their growth and development for the rest of their lives.

We have opened the door to a world where learning is an exciting journey and each step is full of joy, curiosity, and limitless potential by combining creativity, exploration, and engagement in a way that works well together.

Our approach not only sparks creativity and curiosity but also hones crucial problem-solving skills through interactive experiences. Through a dynamic fusion of play, exploration, and engagement, we’ve opened a gateway to a world where learning is an exhilarating adventure.

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Since 2010 we’ve helped many kids to learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity in a fun way.

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What we do?

Learning through play instills a lifelong passion for exploration, setting a solid foundation for continuous growth.

Architecture Classes

Private | Group

arKIDect offers architecture classes for kids, with options for both private one-on-one sessions and group classes.

Private lessons are crafted to customize the learning journey for each student, considering their unique strengths, needs, skills, and interests. Meanwhile, our group classes focus on developing teamwork skills and promoting collaboration among participants.

Instructor Coaching

For Schools & Organizations

Welcome to our Instructor Training Program, where we will equip your team with the skills and knowledge to effectively teach architecture to children. This program is designed to make learning engaging, fun, and educational for young minds.

Join us to spark the imaginations of young learners through the captivating realm of architecture!

Afterschool Programs

We bring arKIDect’s unique K-12 workshops into public, private and charter schools. Our experienced educators guide students through the principles of architecture, teaching them about design concepts, spatial awareness, sustainability, and the use of technology in the field. Our program encourages students to collaborate, problem-solve, and think creatively.

Let's learn, design & play together

To enlist our classes please fill the necessary information below for us to contact you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.