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Unleashing Creativity: Architecture and Design Classes for Kids

Have you thought about inspiring your kid to pursue a career in architecture or design? Here at arKiDect, we’re excited to provide students with individualized, private architecture class. Each student’s abilities, requirements, skills, and interests are taken into account as we design lessons. Let’s take a deep dive into the exciting field of design and construction, where knowledge becomes an exciting journey.

Delving into the Mystery of Buildings

We guarantee that your kid will have a fascinating time in our architecture and design courses. First, we give them a taste of the fascinating world of architecture. They will learn about well-known architects, investigate various architectural kinds, and marvel at notable buildings from all around the world. It’s an adventure that opens their eyes and fires up their creativity.

How to Think Like an Artist

Our courses show young people how to take their visions and make them a reality through the medium of architecture. All three perspectives of an architectural plan (plan, elevation, and section) will be covered in detail. They gain a vital ability that blends imagination and accuracy, allowing them to give form to their architectural fantasies.

Calculating with Precision

Young people are taught the value of precision in building construction. Areas of rooms, measurements of stairs, and inclines of ramps will all be calculated in detail. This mathematical component of architecture provides greater context to their studies and encourages the development of critical thinking skills.

Unleashing Creative Freedom

There is no cookie-cutter method used in any of our classes. There is no right or incorrect method for a child to design. We include a design kit in the cost of the course that will be sent to your home as a way to jumpstart your child’s imagination. It’s a set of resources for materializing ideas into reality.

Why Architecture for Kids Matters

The skills of creative problem solving, critical thinking, and appreciation of design that are fostered via early exposure to the field of architecture will serve students well throughout their lives. Our courses develop these abilities and inspire curiosity about the world.

Then come join me in some fun, education, and creation! Come study with us at arKiDect and show your kid the world of design and construction. In this adventure, there are no limits to your imagination, and every thought, no matter how great or tiny, is a step toward a better tomorrow.

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About Arkidect

One of the most interesting things about arKiDect is the art of teaching building through making things. Through arKiDect, every child is learning new problem-solving skills not only about architecture and environment but in other areas where they can apply these skills as well.

arKiDect not only teaches people about architecture, but it also helps them develop life skills that go far beyond blueprints and buildings. It’s a great example of how imagination, play, and the desire to learn can have a lasting effect on both children and adults.

Let's learn, desing & play together

Learning through play instills a lifelong passion for exploration, setting a solid foundation for continuous growth.

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